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The round of speakers applications for the 3rd America Digital Latin American Congress of Technology & Business is currently open.


¿Why should I apply?

Recognized as one of the major technology & business events of Latin America, with over 5,000 executives from 22 countries attending, and vast media coverage -television, radio, online media and social media-, before, during and after the Congress, reaching over 200,000 executives of Latin America, including global streaming.

Being a speaker at America Digital Latin American Congress, will allow you to position in Latin America as one of the inspirational opinion leader and/or expert.


Can apply as a speaker:

  • International Seminars (“Inspirational, Trends, Disruption, Innovation”)


  • Specialize Conferences (Global experts at specific topics)


  • Venture Capital Forum (Opinion leader of the Venture Capital Industry, Tech Entrepreneurship, Tech Investment, Angel Networks)


To apply as a speaker for International Seminars, you need to be founder of a Latin American or global company, disruptive, innovative, & that has change the way of living or a specific industry. Also, we accept applicants who are best sellers´ authors in subjects related to the Congress, professionals that has created new concepts or way of thinking. The International Seminars lectures comprehend the concepts of inspiration, unique experience,  trends, disruption & innovation.

To apply as a speaker of Specialize Conferences you should be a recognize expert at Latin American or global level in one of the thematic that the Congress is about: Technology, SaaS, Cloud Computing, IoT, M2M, Big Data, Telecom, Internet Security, Neuromarketing, ERP/CRMs, Bitcoins, E-commerce, Mobile, Digital Marketing, Social Media, E-mail Marketing, SEO/SEM, Online Media, AdNetworks, Online Advertising, Online Video, Web 3.0, Web Analytics or other area of Internet that optimize management, communicational, marketing and sales process.

For the Venture Capital Forum, you should be an opinion leader of Venture Capital industry, angel investor network or family office, this means that you need to have a proven track record of investments on high impact companies, you are a recognized specialist in investment methodology or you are a business owner /CEO/ Founder that had participated on the raising of different investment rounds until IPOs.

To apply as speaker complete the following information:

Nombre/Name (*)

Apellido/Last Name (*)

Empresa/Company (*)

Cargo/Job Title (*)

E-mail (*)

Teléfono/Phone (*)

Idioma /Languague (*)
 Ingles/English Español/Spanish

Aplica como speaker a/Apply as speaker to (*)

 Seminario Internacional/International Seminar Conferencias /Conferences Venture Capital Forum

Resumen Biografía/Summary Biography (*)

Título de la charla/Speaking Title (*)

Objetivo de la charla/Objective Speaking (*)

Resumen de la charla /Speaking Summary (*)

Área de la Charla/ Speaking Theme (*)

Mencione los eventos que ha sido conferencista /Name the events that you have been Speaker/Keynote (*)

Su mensaje /Your message (*)

Adjuntar foto/Photo Attachment

Link a Charla en Youtube/Youtube Speaking Link Video

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