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International Seminar

Inspiration and future will be the base of the Third International Seminar of America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2017, where best sellers authors, disruptive enterprise founders that had transform the way we live and do business, global leaders & world level experts will inspire us with their experience and vision about the changes we should confront as executives, companies and society in the digital era to maintain our competitiveness.

Strengthening the sales process of your company.


Ricardo Lagos



Inaugural speech «Company, Government and Citizenship in the Digital Age»


BIO: He born 02.03.1938. Lawyer Universidad de Chile, PhD in Economics from Duke University. President of Chile between 2000 and 2006.

Over the years `80 played a significant role in the process to restore democracy in Chile. He led the Democratic Alliance and the Independent Committee for Free Elections. He founded the Party for Democracy, which was its first president.

He was Minister of Education under President Patricio Aylwin and Minister of Public Works under President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle.

He received the title Doctor Honoris Causa, from prestigious universities such as the Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca, and the National University of Cordoba, Argentina and others. He won the «Berkeley Medal», the highest distinction from the University of Berkeley, California.

In 2008 and 2009 he was the United Nations´ Special Envoy for Climate Change and Chairman of the Madrid´s Club.

He is president of the Foundation for Democracy and Development in Santiago, Chile.

His recent publications include:

  • The Future Starts Today.
  • 100 Years of Light and Shadow (Editor).
  • The Century Awakening (Conversation with Carlos Fuentes).
  • The next Chile: Prospects and Dreams 2030 (Oscar Landerretche editor).
  • So we lived. Chilean route to democracy.
  • My Life. From childhood to fight against the dictatorship.
Bryan Esinberg

Bryan Eisenberg (USA), Online conversion and Big Data Marketing recognized international expert.

Performance Secrets of the Amazon.com, Big Data & Semantic Web.

Author of the Wall Street Journal & New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?”, “Always Be Testing” and «Buyer Legends: The Executive Storytellers Guide

Amazon.com sold its first book in July of 1995. The company did not start out knowing substantially more than most other businesses, but because it was willing to think ahead, develop big data technologies and push the boundaries of how best to do business on the web, it is now the largest online retailer, capturing about 30 percent of every e-commerce dollar.

Amazon is ten years ahead of the curve and even leads strongly data-centric companies like Walmart. Every business needs to ask itself whether it will adopt big data business strategies. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then right now is the time to act. The nature of the game is changing so fast that waiting out the next ten years, trying to decide how or whether to change will leave many businesses in the dust. They will not be able to compete; they won’t even be able to catch up.

In this exciting, perhaps daunting, climate, you are wondering how you can start experimenting with and implementing big data solutions that solve your business problems and fit with your business goals. But, how do you do that? What does using big data to solve business problems and fit business goals’ mean?

When people look for an example of how big data benefits business, they usually point first to Amazon as the gold standard of how an online retailer uses big data to out-perform many of its competitors. This keynote will make sure you uncover and understand how to use the hidden secrets behind Amazon’s success and make it yours.

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore (USA), Managing Director, Influencer Group´ Global Strategic Accounts, Intel Corporation.

“Trends and What is Next in Technology applied to Companies and end customers? How the companies will be transformed? ”

Andrew will inspire and bring new trends related with the Vortex of Change continuing all around us – within our own companies, with our customers and partners. How the Companies are transforming their business model using latest technologies and this is transforming end customers.

A new norm is upon us. Business models are being turned upside down – the hunters now the hunted, global equalization – size is no longer a guarantee of success. The innovative survive and thrive … the nervous and slow go under …

In this session we’ll share our observations on a few of the global trends disrupting the market, we’ll examine what’s behind them, the impact to customers and how some of the more progressive organizations are approaching a world where transformation has switched from “nice to have” to “have to do with velocity”.

BIO: Andrew Moore bases in USA, is the Managing Director, Influencer Group´ Global Strategic Accounts, Intel Corporation

Andrew is responsible for the engagements with the top global companies worldwide. The goal is to forge strategic and reciprocal relationships with these companies with a clear focus on the progressive use of the latest technologies fashioned to help accelerate company strategies to transform their business models.

Prior to this role Andrew ran Strategy and Planning where he was responsible for defining and implementing the overall strategies to accelerate the drive of Intel’s relevance to end-Customers.

Andrew joined Intel in 2004 with 20 years of experience in enterprise resource planning and business process development and design for companies including IBM, PeopleSoft, and J.D. Edwards, where he drove strategy, sales and consulting for areas ranging from infrastructure and integration to customer relationship management and supply chain management applications.

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Andrew now lives in Denver, Colorado. He holds a BS degree in Engineering from Napier University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis (USA), Founding Board Director BITCOIN FOUNDATION.

Bitcoin profound implications for human freedom, Banks and governments´role

Bitcoin: The Appeal of Nonpolitical descentralized Monetary Unit. 
What exactly is Bitcoin and how can it easily be explained to others?
How is Bitcoin different than all of the digital cash protocols that have come before it?
What is so revolutionary about decentralized trust?
What industries will be radically disrupted and transformed in the process?
What are the opportunities for Banks, e-Commerce, Companies, Governtments in the Bitcoin ecosystem?

These are just some of the questions that Jon’s presentation on the world’s most famous cryptocurrency will answer. In addition to outlining the specific benefits for both consumers and merchants, Jon will explore how entire economies can be changed for the better with the potential for improvements in fiscal and monetary policy.
While the endpoints of bitcoin exchange with national currencies can certainly be regulated, the peer-to-peer nature of unrestricted bitcoin transactions over the Internet has profound implications for human freedom and the role of governments.

Jon Matonis, is a widely recognized e-Money researcher and economist focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies, Jon advises startups in Bitcoin, iGaming, mobile and prepaid. A columnist to Forbes Magazine and CoinDesk, Jon is also Editor of The Monetary Future, a leading economics blog at the intersection of free banking, cryptography, and digital currency. Previously CEO of Hushmail and Chief Forex Dealer at VISA, Jon has also held senior posts at Sumitomo Bank and VeriSign.

He has been Keynote speaker in Mobile World Congress 2014, Card and Payments Innovation Europe, IT Web Security Summit, among others.

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis (Spain) International SEO Expert.

“Strategic and operative keys to implement a successful SEO Plan on 2015. ”

In this lecture, you will learn the key aspects to position your site in Google first page results, just when a potential costumer is looking for your products and services. Considering that Google functionalities are in constant change, Aleyda, will present the most important factors to consider maximizing your visibility, traffic and conversion with organic result strategies during 2015.

Also, she will share her vision about the future of SEO in a mobile, multi-platform and social networking world. The presentation will also show case studies of Chilean, Latin American and Global companies.

BIO: Aleyda is a consultant and international speaker in SEO, during her career she had work as SEO Manager for recognized SEO agencies like SEER Interactive (USA) and QDQ Media (Spain), developing localization and mobile multilingual SEO projects for companies in Europe, US, and Latin America. She was SEO Manager for Forex Club, leading the optimization processes of their network sites in the US, Europe and Russia.

Aleyda is an international recognize speaker. She had presented at Congresses like MozCon Seattle, SearchLove, London, SMX, London & Munich, SES London, BrightonSEO, OMExpo Madrid, OMCap Berlin, Web Congress Barcelona and KahenaCon Jerusalem. She was awarded as Europe SEO Personality of The Year on 2012 and was honor the Medallion Speaker Award, and International Search Summit, London, UK 2013.

Aleyda is Computer Engineer with a Master in E-commerce from Salamanca University. Is an academic at the Online Search Engine Master at Pompeu Fabra University, The SEO and SEM Master in KSchool. She writes at State of Digital and is a member of Moz Community. Today, she is a consultant at her firm SEO Orainti where she is also a founder and Co-founder at Tribalytics.

Juan José de la Torre

Juan José de la Torre (Dubai), Vice President Digital at Intigral

Digital Disruption Inside Traditional Companies”

The world is constantly being disrupted by small, fast and lean startups who are leveraging technology to blindside traditional and incumbent players in mainstream markets. These startups, who may be small in size but are big in ideas, are disrupting traditional companies in industries from banking to airlines, shipping companies to telecoms. It is now a challenge for these big companies to compete with the lower prices, fast time to market and superior customer experiences these startups are bringing to the table. In order to stay ahead, traditional companies need to embrace these challengers and innovate. Digital businesses can offer the perfect set of tools in order to make traditional companies disruptors in their own markets. The objective of this speaking is to showcase how traditional companies can leverage the startup ecosystem to innovate and stay ahead of their competition.

This presentation focuses on developing the concept of how corporations can leverage startups and their ecosystem to innovate.

As such, the presentation starts by assessing the current market scenario and the changing forces governing it, with particular focus on the proliferation of startups and format invaders that are challenging corporations.

It will then show case recent and tangible case studies that illustrate how disruptive startups can actually partner with traditional companies (rather than simply challenge them) to create truly market driven innovation.

Finally, the presentation provides key learnings and take-aways on how you too can create digital disruption in your industry.

Content Outline

1. The Market Scenario has changed
  • Proliferation of open innovation economy
  • Technological changes and disruptions
  • Changes in Business Models

2. Case Studies
  • Absolut
  • Bank Industry
  • Coca Cola

3. Lessons Learnt

  • Pillars of Disruption
  • Acceleration / Incubation
  • Untraditional Monetization
  • Customer supremacy

BIO: INSEAD MBA, Masters in Project Management from La Salle and Industrial Civil Engineer from Adolfo Ibanez, Juan Jose has developed his career around Innovation, Ventures, Entrepreneurship, International and Market Expansion Strategies, Product Development, M&A, and Digital Ecosystems. Juan Jose de la Torre is Vice President Digital at Intigral, MENA’s largest digital company, where he is responsible for Intigral’s portfolio across Mobile, Web, Apps and Services.

Juan Jose started his career as an entrepreneur, when still at college he founded iEducation Holdings; an e-learning online company raising a total capital of US$ 1.5M. After successfully positioning the company as the first Chilean e-learning portal, Juan Jose exited and joined Telia-Sonera in Europe to manage the Data and VAS Services on the launch of the company in Spain. After an exciting period with Telia-Sonera, in 2004, Juan Jose joined Orange – France Telecom to lead the development of the new Innovation Strategic unit, an endeavor aiming to foster high-speed market facing innovation based on third parties and innovation networks. Later Juan Jose was appointed deputy to Orange CTO, handling all Technology and Product & Service international strategies and playing a key role in Orange’s NeXT Strategy Implementation for UK, France and Spain.

Juan Jose’s career has taken him to four continents and more than 20 countries. He has authored several articles in Telecom, Media, International Strategy and Innovation, and been an invited speaker to more than 50 international conferences including Mobile World Congress, 3GSM, 3GWorld, UTMSForum, WEF and 3GSM Americas. Juan Jose is also an Associate Researcher and Author at INSEAD.

Throughout his career, Juan Jose has been awarded with a number of recognitions including: INSEAD-Eli Lilly Innovation Award, President of the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club, France Telecom’s Andre Cloud Excellence Award, Fundacion Carolina / Spanish Government Excellence Scholarship, Mercator Foundation’s 500 new young Chilean leaders. One of the 3 ambassadors for HP for middle east.

In his free time, JJ enjoys travelling and adventure sports. He is also a music composer and former professional DJ. He currently lives in Dubai with his wife and two sons.

Michael Roth

Michael Roth (USA) Worldwide subject matter expert for IBM Customer Analytics on Cloud Solutions

B2C 2015: The key in leveraging data to put the customer at the center of your brand”

Before the internet, the effort to achieve the brand reputation of a McDonald’s or an IBM took millions of dollars and years of painstaking effort to deliver campaign after campaign to drive brand awareness and consideration.
Now, every minute of the day, more than 3 billion people throughout the world send 204 million emails, share more than 2.4 million pieces of content on Facebook, post 277,000 tweets, upload 72 hours of new video to YouTube, and download 48,000 apps from the Apple Store. Not only are users interacting with each other, they’re interacting with companies, providing a steady stream of important information that often goes unheard, or worse, ignored. The inability to absorb, understand and respond to this data has created openings in the marketplace for new brands who have the ability to exploit all of this data to explode upon the marketplace.
With the right campaign, companies can leapfrog their competitors and significantly cut the amount of time and money needed to achieve brand parity. Through advanced filtering of the data, featuring the points that matter most, and then focusing campaigns which put the customer in the center, new companies are now able to win the hearts (and dollars) of customers who in the past proudly proclaimed their loyalty to the leading brands in that market category.
During his presentation, Mike will delve into the details of how to get the most value out of data, on how to segment, micro-segment and re-segment to capitalize on B2C and obtain the highest impact for your product, service or message. •

BIO: Michael leads worldwide sales for IBM Customer Analytics on Cloud, the digital behavior engine that infuses IBM’s Customer Experience Suite with qualitative and quantitative information so online experiences are more personalized, innovative and intuitive. As brand leader for IBM Customer Analytics on Cloud solutions, he has worked with some of the most well-known global brands in ecommerce, travel, financial services and telecommunications to design systems and processes that use online and offline data to maximize the lifetime profitability of each B2B/B2C relationship.

Previously, Michael was practice director at the CEB Marketing Leadership Council guiding B2B and B2C companies to drive marketing excellence in their organizations. He is also a former member of the Unisys Telecommunications practice, having led revenue modernization projects at Sprint and Verizon that focused on mining customer data to increase revenue, decrease subscriber churn and reduce operational costs through adoption of Online Self Care portals. .

Michael has participated in international conferences such as the China Ecommerce Summit, IBM Smarter Commerce and SES Shanghai, and has worked with customers such as Fast Shop in Brazil, as well as Macy’s, JCPenny and Office Max in the US.


8:00 hr 
8:45 hr
9:00 hr
9:15 hr
9:15 hr
9:45 hr
Welcome, Director Latin American Congress Chile Digital 2015, Moderator Soledad Onetto
9:45 hr 
10:15 hr
Speech, Digital Age, Society and Government. 
10:30 hr
 12:00 hr.
Bryan Eisenberg (USA), Secrets of the Amazon performance, Big Data and the Semantic Web, how to apply these secrets to my business.
12:00 hr 
13:30 hr.
Jon Matonis, (USA), Founding Board Director Bitcoin Foundation. 
Bitcoin, profound implications for human freedom, banks and government role. Challenges and opportunities of a decentralized digital currency.
13:30 hr
14:15 hr
Innovation:  We will inspire us with a motivational talk about innovation, how innovation arises and which are the main factors that determine a successful innovation process of a failed one.
14:15 hr
15:00 hr.
Thematic Panel 1: Challenges and Opportunities of MOBILE Industry in Latin America.

In this panel, presidents of major telecommunications operators in Latin America, will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the region, from the point of view of regulatory frameworks, technological, and market, and how they will contribute to the development of regional economy in the digital and mobile era.
15:00 hr 
16:00 hr
Juan José de la Torre (Dubai), Vice president digital at Intigral
Digital disruption inside traditional companies.
16:00 hr 
17:00 hr
Andrew Moore (USA), managing director, influencer group´ global strategic accounts, Intel corporation.
Trends and what is next in technology applied to companies and end customers? How the companies will be transformed?
17:00 hr 
18:00 hr
Aleyda Solis (Spain), International expert in Search Engine Marketing (SEO):  How positioning your busines in Google  this year? Methodology, action plan and main techniques to position your business in Google on 2015.

To access the International Seminar you’ll need at least an Executive ticket, which entitles you to access the International Seminar + Conference + Expo; this ticket doesn’t entitles you to access to Business Roundtable and Latam Venture Capital Forum. Other tickets, such as Executive Business, VIP and Full Pass also includes access to the International Seminar.


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