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A meeting point with Angel Investors, Family Office, Venture Capitals, Private Equity Funds from North America, Europe and Latin America with fast grow tech companies from emerging markets
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Are you ready to be a KEY of a fast grow tech company and open the market opportunity?. The Venture Capital Forum 2017 is a meeting point with Angel Investors, Family Office, Venture Capitals, Private Equity Funds from North America, Europe and Latin America, Government Authorities, Investment Industry´ stakeholders and fast grow tech companies, hosting an Investor Forum with specialized conference with international experts in the areas of Angel Network Management, Angel Investment, VCs Management, VC Investment methodologies, fast grow tech company valuation, exits strategies, management buy outs, regulatory frameworks, government incentives for VCs, combined with the introduction to 16 investment opportunities in fast grow tech companies seeking first or second investment round in the range of US$0,03-10 million, previously selected from over 500 companies by the Investment Committee. Amplifying investor´s capabilities to identify investment opportunities and allowing to the entrepreneurs present in front of hundred investors in just one day and place.

Program details:

Speakers LVFC

  • Ron Weissman

    Dr. Ronald Weissman (USA)

    Chairman of Band of Angels software group, The oldest Angel Network in Silicon Valley.

    Lessons from Silicon Valley: best angel network management practices and the angel economy in 2015.

    What are the best practices in Angel investing and Angel Network Management? How do Angel groups work? What does it take to be a successful Angel investor? What’s the outlook for new investing vehicles such as incubators, accelerators, seed funds and super angels? What are best practices in deal sourcing, diligence, deal negotiation, post-deal monitoring and management mentoring? What are the risk factors and danger zones for individual Angels and for Angel groups? And what are the success factors for early stage companies moving to the US? Ron Weissman, a venture capitalist and a member of Silicon Valley’s oldest Angel group and the Chairman of its Software team will discuss the history, evolution and dramatic changes that have taken place in the Angel ecosystem in the US over the past decade and best ways to develop and grow local angel communities.

    BIO: Dr. Ronald Weissman has more than twenty-five years of experience in investment and high technology executive management. In 2000 he became a partner at a global venture capital and private equity firm, Apax Partners, focusing on cross-border deals and software investing. After the firm’s transition from venture capital into private equity, he continued to manage Apax’sventure technology portfolio. Weissman is currently Chairman of the Software Special Interest Group of the Band of Angels, Silicon Valley’s oldest institutional angel group and is a founding member of the Berkeley Angel Network affiliated with the University of California. Through his VC and his angel activity he has invested in or advised more than 60 companies and has served on more than 25 private company Boards. Prior to joining Apax, Ron was CMO and head of investor relations at Verity, a leader in enterprise software. Verity was named large cap Turnaround of the Year by the Turnaround Management Association during Ron’s last year. Prior to Verity, he ran Corporate Marketing and European Marketing at NeXT, as a direct report to Steve Jobs. He is a former Fulbright Scholar, with BA, MA and Ph.D. degress from the University of California, Berkeley. He has published and lectured widely on early stage investing and regularly lectures on VC, corporate governance and angel capital at US universities including Stanford, Berkeley and Santa Clara. He has been profiled by such groups as PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Technology Forecast and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Weissman has also advised investors in Italy, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Russian Federation and several regions of the US about angel and venture ecosystem development and has also advised the US Angel Capital Association on mentoring of angels and the CEOs in whom angels invest.

  • Patricio Arrau

    Patricio Arrau (Chile)

    President of Gerens Capital S.A.

    The Unique Funds Law (UFL) and the status of Venture Capital Industry in Chile. ¿What´s missing?

    Patricio will walk through the changes of the regulatory framework in Chile has suffered (Limited General Partnership), addressing the institutional development with it´s pros and cons (tributary reform). He will analyze the status of the VC ecosystem in Chile ¿What is missing in entrepreneurs, fund’s managers and investors to develop the VC ecosystem correctly in our country? All of this from his 10 years’ experience as a VC administrator.

    BIO: Ph.D. in Economics (1989), University of Pennsylvania, B. A. in Economics (1984), University of Chile. Currently he is President and founder of Gerens Capital S.A., a venture capital management company that manages two venture capital funds that have support from CORFO. He participates as a director in several companies where the funds have been invested. This company also manages a fund that finances working capital for SMEs.
    Presidente y fundador también Gerens S.A., realizando consultoría a organismos públicos y privados, destacándose en el sector financiero y de mercado de capitales, macroeconomía, transporte y telecomunicaciones, sector inmobiliario, emprendimiento e innovación. Se ha desempeñado como economista del Banco Mundial en el área de finanzas internacionales, asesor del Ministro de Hacienda de Chile Alejandro Foxley en temas financieros y Coordinador de Finanzas Internacionales en dicho Ministerio. Consultor externo del Banco Mundial y BID y autor de varios artículos publicados en medios nacionales e internacionales. Ha sido director de ACAFI.

  • Lisandro Brill

    Lisandro Bril

    founder and Managing Partner of AxVentures-Pymar and Holdinvest Technology Venture Capital Funds. Co-founder of Endeavor.

    Conference: Venture Capital in LATAM: Lectures after 25 years of experience in the government, civil associations, entrepreneurship and capital management.

    Fundacion Chile and CRP (Brasil) were the first VC initiatives created in Latin America, to found entrepreneurship innovation of high impact. Almost 30 years later the founding for innovation and high impact entrepreneurship is still in a very embryonic stage.
    Argentina stands out for the creativity and quality of its entrepreneurs in a highly unstable institutional environment.
    Brasil counts with more than 40 VC founds, the majority founds entrepreneurs that haven´t been able to scale further than their local market.
    Mexico just initiated a very aggressive program for seed founding, but they donpt have security in the founding for the “follow on”.
    Colombia has done an spectacular job promoting the entrepreneural development in public policies, being very succesfull for Medellin and Bogotá. Still, they haven´t been able to capture the financial potential of this initiatives.
    Chile has become this last years in the most active country in Latam importing entrepreneurs and having the best practices in founding entrepreneurship. They have the institutions and the money, they lack of entrepreuners. Startup Program: ¿A success?
    The missing component for the launching of the entrepreneurial ecosystem is the inexistence of VC management founds with successful track records and successful exits with global quality. While 95% of the private VC available in the region is focus exclusively in digital projects that clone business models from Silicon Valley.
    The competitive advantages are not based in natural resources, technology and capital anymore. Nowadays we have an economy based in knowledge and the new competitive advantages are going to be analyzed during this presentation.

    BIO: Lisandro Bril is the Founder and Managing Partner of AxVentures -Pymar and Holdinvest Technology Funds. He is currently invested and seats at the Board of five companies: Keclon (Biotech), ZauberLabs (Internet BtoB), GranData (Big Data), Pixowl (Mobile games), Technisys (Banking software applications); he is Member of the Advisory Board of CITES – Centro de Innovación Tecnológica, Empresarial y Social, Grupo Sancor (Center for Technological, Business and Social Innovation, Sancor Group).
    Mr. Bril participated in the creation and is currently Board Member and Governor of Enablis Argentina and Strategic Advisor to Enablis Latin America, an organization sponsored by G8 to promote entrepreneurship globally. He is also co-founder of Endeavor Argentina and actively participates in the Endeavor Global Venture Capital Network.
    He is a pioneer VC and entrepreneurial development activist since the 90s. As Manager of i5 (a Hicks Muse Venture Capital) invested in Amtec (now Neoris) in the 90s, and later, in Technisys (Software for SOA banking applications) with Holdinvest Technology Fund.
    Mr. Bril holds a BA in Economics (Cum Laude) from University of Buenos Aires, and a MPA from Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government.

  • Kristopher Brigham

    Kristopher Brigham (USA)

    “CEO KB Investments


    Management buyout («MBO») is the purchase of an existing business, Usually with a combination of debt and equity by the current management team. The equity can be from investor groups or private equity funds or other institutional investors.
    A management team faced participate with the opportunity to initiate a MBO have an unique opportunity. Entrepreneurially inspired managers with a firm belief in their ability to build a business can capitalize on a rare opportunity to build significant personnel wealth.
    Kris is one of the few expert in Management Buy Out in Latin America, Has performed the management buy outs (MBOs) of Nextel with the investment group Novator, Cellstar with BGH, and Indalum.
    During his conference he will cover the following aspects:

    • Typical MBO Business Candidate.
    • Corporate Seller – Non.
    • Private Owner aspects.
    • Distressed Situations – Where speed of transaction and management’s familiarity play a factor.
    • Successfully Executing a MBO.
    • The Three L’s that make a MBO deal.
    • The MBO Process.

    BIO: Kris has over 20 years of bi-cultural experience launching and leading large mid-sized organizations in Latin America, and working with companies in United States that wanted to expand their international operations in Latin America. Kris was CEO at CellCorp International where he managed Chilean operations while analyzing and structuring growth activities throughout Latin America. Results in this role included: Added US$60 million in sales revenues and grew EBITDA significantly. Developed and executed a plan to acquire companies in Colombia and Panama via leveraged buyout and stock swap. Arranged bank financing of US$7.0 million for acquisition purposes. * Designed and implemented a new 16,000-square-meter distribution facility in Chile for America Movil/Claro Chile. He then negotiated the purchase of Cellstar Chile S.A. from Cellstar Corporation . In the process, he retained 35% ownership, full management control and 2 of 5 seats on the board of directors. He recently performed the Management Buy Out of Nextel, Currently he is board member at Nextel Chile S.A., Zwipit Chile SpA and PTT Mobile SpA. Kris got his degree in International Business from Indiana University – Kelley School of Business.

  • Matt Cole

    Matt Cole (USA)

    Advisor to Riverwood Capital

    Case Study: From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly, the Transformation of Synapsis.

    Matt will recount first-hand the transformation of Synapsis from being the in-house IT Department of a large utility, to becoming a dynamic, Top-10 “multi-latina” IT Services business in Latin America. After Synapsis was sold by Grupo Enersis to new investors, Matt worked closely with the Synapsis management team to tighten the Company`s strategic plan, focus on longer-term recurring revenue contracts, execute and integrate add-on acquisitions, improve financial metrics, and create long-term value. Matt was Chief Strategy Officer at Synapsis between 2012 and 2014, will share some insights on lessoned learned and best practices from his experience.

    BIO: Matt Cole is an Advisor to Riverwood Capital. Matt has more than 20 years of operating and investing experience in Latin America, having played lead roles in more than 12 private equity and venture capital transactions in the Region, as an Executive, Investor, Board Member, and Advisor. Matt was Chief Strategy Officer at Synapsis between 2012 – 2014. Matt helped lead the transformation of Synapsis into a dynamic pan-Latin IT Outsourcing player with operations in Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Panama, and Ecuador, and was instrumental in managing the sale of Synapsis to TIVIT, a leading Brazilian IT Services business owned by APAX. Prior to his Operating role at Synapsis, Matt was Co-Founder at North Bay Equity Partners, CEO at OneScope, Principal at TPG Capital, and Investment Banker with J.P. Morgan & Co.

  • Alfonso Yáñez


    DIRECTOR Banchile Citi Global Markets.

    Exits Strategies for Entrepreneurs and VC funds in a Latin American Context.

    Investors and venture capital funds, analyze the acquisition of companies, focusing most of its efforts in understanding in detail the industry and the company (due diligence), valuing the assets and liabilities and to define the structure transaction. However, often they dedicate less time and resources to analyze and define the “Exit Strategy”.

    In his lecture, Alfonso Yáñez describes exit strategies used by growth companies in Latin America. In addition, it will address the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies and considerations when planning or negotiating such arrangements with a partner, entrepreneur or investment fund. All this, based on case studies and practical examples of transactions in Latin America.

    BIO: Alfonso Yáñez has extensive experience in Latin America and Europe, advising companies and investment funds on issues related to purchase, sale and merger of companies (M & A) and operations of capital markets, such as IPOs.

    Currently Director of Banchile Citi Global Markets (Banchile Citi), the investment banking business of Banco de Chile and Citigroup in Chile. Prior to Banchile Citi, Alfonso worked at McKinsey & Company in Europe as a specialist in Private Equity and Corporate Finance. It is also voluntary Endeavor, supporting entrepreneurs on issues relating to valuation of companies, shareholders’ agreement, finance and strategy.

    During his career, Alfonso has led major consulting companies and investment funds in sectors such as energy, health, telecommunications, financial and retail. It stands ,: CGE acquisition by Gas Natural Fenosa (the biggest IPO made in Chile), the acquisition of Cruz Blanca by Bupa Sanitas, the acquisition of Chilevisión by Time Warner, the sale of 50 % of the Morgan Stanley Infrastructure´s to Saesa. And Preunic merging with Salcobrand.

    Alfonso is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Concepción and MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

  • Luis Felipe Oliva

    Luis Felipe Oliva (Chile)

    Investment and Financing Division Government Development Corporation (CORFO).


    Luis Felipe will give us an overview of the development of venture capital funds in Chile and government incentives available to create venture capital funds in Chile supported by CORFO (Production Development Corporation of Chile) with lines of financing «Early Stage Funds» that provides credit lines 2: 1 and for » Growth and Development Funds» (1: 1). We will also discuss about the new program being developed by CORFO that provides various financial incentives for the creation of venture capital funds that invest in early stages.

    BIO: Luis Felipe is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Chile, MBA from ESADE and a Master in Economics from New York University (USA). Currently, he serves as general coordinator of Investment and Financing in Corfo. He has over 15 years experience in the financial industry. He was general manager of MBI Administradora General de Fondos SA. also general manager of Zurich Investments, a member of the Zurich Financial Services Group and deputy Chilean Investment Strategies Consolidated Life Insurance. He was also responsible for the operations of Zurich trading desk Administradora General de Fondos. Previously, he worked in the investment area of AFP Cuprum and in the area of Wealth Management at Citibank, Chile. Additionally, he teaches part-time at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Chile.

  • Pablo Traub

    Pablo Traub (USA)

    General Manager- Imagine Labs-Microsoft.

    Venture Capital in Latin America; looking for a model.

    At this conference Paul will give us hard and analytical data that will allow us to understand the evolution of the venture capital model globally in recent years, trends, context, success stories and challenges in the digital era. From these data and international experience will show how you can develop a competitive and applicable model for the Latin American context.

    BIO: He participated in the creation and management of investment funds and various projects as a partner and mentor. He was Vice President of the Club of Venture Capital and Private Equity Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Sloan VCPE Club) and member of Beehive, the first business incubator from MIT. He is currently the General Manager of Imagine Lab’s Microsoft Business Accelerator, where they select and invest in technology businesses. Paul is a lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, MBA from MIT with majoring in innovation and global leadership.

  • Jose Antonio Berrios

    José Antonio Berrios (Chile)

    Founder and CEO of Broota.

    Crowdfunding: The Collaborative Economy Is revolutionizing the investment in companies

    José Antonio will take us through an hallucinating trip through Crowdfunding: types of crowdfunding, success cases, global and local statistics- Amounts, investment, growth – that will help us understand the impact of collaborative economy. Then we will focus in Equity Crowdfunding, platforms that enables groups of investors to fund companies, and lower the barriers of becoming an angel investor. An overview of the Chilean status, opportunities, challenges and financial regulation.

    BIO: José Antonio is the founder and CEO of Broota.com. Civil Engineer from Universidad Católica, adventurer and interested in knowing new cultures. This has taken him to travel through many continents. He worked at the ONG JRS in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and he has been a part of various enterprises. Today all his energy is devoted to Broota, a Latam network of startups, that today gathers investors, mentors, incubators and hundred startups. Broota, is certified as a B company, and is the first Equity Crowdfunding platform in Latam, with over 1.6 million dollars invested. With Broota you can learn and know brilliant projects and become a part of them.

  • Juan-Jose-De-la-torre-copia

    Juan José de la Torre(Chile)

    Digital Expert, Mentor, Angel Investor and entrepreuner

    Valuation of Fast Grow Tech Companies

    Fast Grow Tech Companies based in the digital economy, present major opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. This enterprises are based in non-traditional assets, like talent, intermediation or new business models. This is why the valuation of this companies is not easy, the traditional models of valuation are not adequate to capture the potential value of this companies. This presentation analyzes not only the difficulties of this process, but it also shows a proven proprietary methodology for successfully valuating this companies.

    BIO: MBA, Master in Project Management and Civil Engineer, JJ counts with more than 15 years of experience in Telcos, Media and internet Enterprises, He has worked in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. The experience of JJ combines strategic consultancy, corporative work for Fortune500 companies, venture capital, entrepreneurship and new business, having worked in companies such as TeliaSonera, Booz & Company, France Telecom Group, COMsciences Worldwide and Etisalat Group. JJ has founded 3 companies, invested as an angel in 14 and has mentored more than 80 startups. Nowadays, Juan José de la Torre is Vicepresident of Digital Business in Intigral (Leader in Digital Services of the Middle East and one of the Top 20 Companies’ worldwide). During his time in Intigral, JJ has lead the strategic growth of the company, becoming the leader company in digital services, mobile apps, web and advertising. JJ has been responsible of launching Sultn (Music Streaming Service), iHub (mobile pay gateway) and Dawriplus (futbol app with more than 1.2M downloads). He also created and founded afkar.me and InspireU, two of the most important accelerators in Asia.


  • Program 21 June LVFC

    Time Topic
    09:45 hrs. – 11:00 hrs. Ron Weissman, Chairman Band of Angels Software Group, Lessons from Silicon Valley: best angel network management practices and the angel economy in 2015.
    11:00 hrs. – 11:45 hrs. PANEL: Inverstors and Angel networks in Latin America ¿Opportunities? ¿Challenges? .
    11:45 hrs. – 12:30 hrs. Juan José de La Torre, Vice President of Digital Business Intigral, Evaluation methodologies for fast grow tech enterprises  ¿What´s my company´s value?
    12:30 hrs. – 13:45 hrs. Round 1 – Investment Opportunities: Presentation of 3 fast grow tech enterprises.
    15:00 hrs. – 16:00 hrs Pablo Traub, General Manager Imaginelabs-Microsoft, Risk Capital in Chile and Latin America, searching for a model.
    16:00 hrs. – 17:30 hrs. Round 2 – Investment Opportunities: Presentation of 3 fast grow tech enterprises.
    17:30 hrs. – 18:30 hrs.   Structuring a strategic investment plan for a fast grow tech company going global.
  • Program 22 June LVFC

    Time Topic
    09:00 hrs. – 09:45 hrs. Ron Weissman, Chairman Band of Angels Software Group. The transition of Venture Capital.  How does the venture capital has developed in the US and the world since the  90´s bubble?
    10:00 hrs. – 10:45 hrs. Patricio Arrau, President of Gerens Capital, The Unique Funds Law (UFL) and the status of Venture Capital Industry in Chile. ¿What´s missing?.
    11:00 hrs. – 11:30 hrs. Luis Felipe Oliva (Chile), Investment and Funding management CORFO Founding and governmental incentives for the creation of risk capitals founds in Chile.
    11:30 hrs. – 12:30 hrs. Kristopher Brigham, CEO KB Inversiones, Guide to executing management buyouts in Latinamerica. The Nextel´s Case.
    12:30 hrs. – 14:00 hrs Round 3 – Investment Opportunities: Presentation of 3 fast grow tech enterprises
    15:00 hrs. – 16:00 hrs. Alfonso Yáñez (Chile), Director of Banchile Citi Global Markets.  Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs and VC funds in a Latin American context.
    16:00 hrs. – 17:00 hrs. Lisandro Bril (Argentina), Founder of AxVentures-Pymar.  Venture Capital in LATAM: Lectures after 25 years of experience in the government, civil associations,  entrepreneurship and capital management.
    17:00 hrs. – 17:30 hrs Matt Cole (USA), Advisor of Riverwood Capital Case Study, Exit Strategy for Synapsis.
    17:30 hrs. – 18:30 hrs José Antonio Berríos, Founder of Broota, Investment trends, Crowdfunding and Crowdfunding Equity

Application process for Fast Grow Tech Companies to present in the Venture Capital Forum 2017

16 investment opportunities in fast grow tech companies are presented *-previously selected by the investment committee from over 500 companies. Allowing to the Investors amplify their investment´s capabilities and to the entrepreneurs present in front of hundred investors in just one day and place.

Venture Capital Forum America Digital 2017 has 4 application rounds for fast grow tech companies seeking first or second investment round in the range of US$0,03- 10 million. (*Review criteria required before apply below)

1° Round until March 01
2° Round until April 03
3° Round until May 01
4° Round until June 01


of which a total of 16 companies will be selected and will present on June 22 in the Venture Capital Forum of Latin American Congress of Technology and Business America Digital 2017 in Espacio Riesco convention center, Santiago. Each selected company will have 25 minutes, 10 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for questions and answers.


You must be an entrepreneur, CEO, founder of a fast grow tech company that seeks first or second investment round in the range of US$ 0,3 to 10 million or seeking company exit, fulfilling the following requirements before apply:

list-1 Technology-based company with potential sales > US $ 100 million / year.
list-2 It performs in a growing market.
list-3 The business model is market centered, is tested and is scalable (this usually requires that the company has a «core technology» or networks effect).
list-4 Business model has entry barriers, for companies targeting Latin American markets can be «local friction point» generating advantages or entry barriers compared to international or global companies.
list-5 Investment requirements for each company´ stage are clear
list-6 Have an exit strategy
list-7 You are clear what kind of investors you are looking for.
list-8 The company has a «best in class» team:
  • Full time.
  • Passionate team for the company.
  • The team is complementary, with creative and analytical skills, with founders that focus on product development and on business expansion.
  • The leadership team is able to generate high performance teams.
  • Team has a roadmap and adaptability.
list-9 Company qualify for one of the following investment groups
  • Angel Investment/VC early stage: company has sales> US$ 200,000 / year and is seeking investment in the range of US$0,03-2 million.
  • VCs/Private Equity Investment: Company has annual sales> $ 1 million/year and is seeking growth capital between US$2-10 million.

If you meet all these requirements, you can apply at:



LVCF Chile Digital processes applications through Gust, a leading global investment management platform that clusters over 1000 investment groups from 80 countries through which have totalized > US $ 1.8 billion investments in companies.



list-1 Being part of the Congress: The Venture Capital Forum takes place within the context of a one of the major Congress of Technology and Business in Latin America, so attending LVCF also allow you to be immersed in various Congress activities such as Digital Expo, Business Roundtable, International Seminar and Conferences in the area of Innovation, IoT, Mobile, ICTs, Information Security, Big Data, Cloud, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, where you can interact with over 200 technology companies and 5,000 executives from 22 countries.
list-2 Networking with investors and industry stakeholders: In two days you can connect with hundreds of investors, angel investors, familiy office, VCs and Private Equity Funds from North America, Europe, Latin America, Government authorities, consultants and fast grow tech companies.
list-3 Networking with fast grow tech companies and founders: Connect with CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and fast grow tech companies from emerging markets.
list-4 Know best in class Investment Methodologies in: Angel network management, Angel Investment, VC management, VC investment, company capitalization strategies, company valuations, exit strategies, regulatory frameworks, government incentives for VCs
list-5 Share experience among top investors and founders: .
list-6 Amplify your capabilities several times to identify investment opportunities in fast grow tech companies.
list-7 Know VCs Investment Funds regulatory frameworks, government incentives for the creation of Angel Networks and VCs funds, understand the Single Investment Fund Law in Chile(LUF), its challenges and opportunities.
list-8 Stablish Investment Funds: Learn how to establish investment funds in early or growth stages leveraged by credit lines 3:1, 2:1 or 1: 1 respectively through incentives available by CORFO (Promoting Corporation for Production and Development in Chile).

The Venture Capital Industry in the Digital Age

We are in the best times of the human race for creating fast grow techn companies.

The low cost of technological developments and the advantages of the internet to generate scalable and replicable business models these days, have allowed to create companies, catalyze its expansion and reach billion dollar valuations in record times.

A classic example of this new business era is FACEBOOK, which launched in 2004, and raised its first round of investment in 2005 with Accel Partners, reached the stock market on 2012 with a US $ 100 billion valuation, equivalent to half the GDP of Chile, a company that did not exist 10 years ago.

These levels of Return on Investment (ROI) have attracted investors seeking scalable, replicable business, which usually have a technological component which gives them these features and a strong entrepreneurial team capable to perform the company expansion.

However few companies manages to make it through all stages and not all investments achieve expected returns.

While in countries like the United States venture capital industry required 80 years to develop, in Latin America venture capital are an emerging industry that offers an opportunity to high returns for investors who know how to invest in fast grow tech companies. ARE YOU READY TO BE A KEY OF A FAST GROW TECH COMPANY AND OPEN THE MARKET OPPORTUNITY?

•To attend the Venture Capital Forum (VCF) America Digital 2017 you must purchase a VIP level ticket at least, which will entitle you to attend both days of the Digital Expo, the LVCF conferences on June 21 and to attend on day two, the 16 investment opportunities. Also you can get a Full Pass ticket, which will entitle you to all activities of Congress on two days; we recommend you to check the different options below. Ticket to LVCF are limited to 300.


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