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Country / Associations Pavilions

Country / Associations Pavilions

The participation of technological companies in Chile Digital Latin American Congress from all continents that are operating in Latin America, exploring the market or looking for strategic partners in the region is one of our event priorities.

In order to maximize participation of companies from Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia, interested in Latin American markets, we are working with the most important technology associations in each country, chamber of commerce, and support entities for export of each country, such as:

EXPORT SUPPORT ENTITIES Chamber of Commerce   Technology Associations
  • Pro Chile
  • Pro México
  • Pro Perú
  • Pro Colombia
  • Amcham
  • Cámara India Chile de Comercio
  • Cámara Española Chilena de Comercio
  • Cámara Alemana de Comercio
  • Cámara Asia Pacífico
  • Cámara Chino Chilena de Comercio
  • Cámara Británico Chilena de Comercio
  • Brasscom: Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication.
  • ABCOMM: Associação Brasileira de Comércio EletrônicoAMIPCI: Asociación Mexicana de Internet.
  • AMIPCI: Asociación Mexicana de Internet.
  • AMITI: Asociación Méxicana de empresas de tecnologías de la información.

If you are a government agency dedicated to promote export, a chamber of commerce, a company’s association in the areas of technology, TICs, Software, E-commerce, Mobile or Digital Marketing and have a Group of 5 or more companies that want to participate in the Chile Digital Latin American Expo 2015, we will give you special conditions so you can participate with a country or organization pavilion, participate with a commercial delegation and access to promotion of your entity and affiliated company at the event.


Contact us:
Chile y América Latina
Andres Murillo Andrés Murillo
Commercial Key Account
Manager Chile Digital
T: +56 222042034
T: +56 228919884
M: +56 9 89743325
Macarena Soto Macarena Soto
Commercial Executive
T:+56 222042034
T:+56 228919884
M:+56 9 79350567
Felipe Rebolledo Felipe Rebolledo
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
Manager Chile Digital
T: +56 223435417
M: +56 9 95365690
USA y Canada, International Relationships & Country Pavilions
Cristian Ossandón Cristian Ossandón
Comunicaciones y relaciones internacionales
T: +56 222042034
M: +56 9 94455094
Europa & Asia
Anders Broue Anders Broue
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
Commercial Executive
T: +56 227272864
M: +56 9 95499612
Albert Calvet Albert Calvet
Commercial Executive
T: +56 222042034
T: +56 228919884
M: +56 9 89743325
Adriano Ribeiro Adriano Ribeiro
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
T: +56 222091820
M: +56 9 84202170


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