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9 July

Latin American Business Roundtable

2nd Registration round until 19 June


Did you know that Latin America is one of the regions of the world with more growing in Connectivity, Mobile, Telecomunications, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Services, and that Chile is consider the first country in Latin America and the seventh in the world for the development of business in the areas of global services? (Ref. AT Kearney Global Services Location Index)


Latin American Business Roundtable Chile Digital 2015, take place 9 July at Espacio Riesco, Convention Center, Saloon IV, level -1. Participants must register before 15 May registration round 1 or until 19 June 2015 for registration round 2, we recommend registration in advance, because the business roundtable has two stages:

STAGE 1: Registration into the system, Round 2 until 19 June.
STAGE 2: Meeting scheduling among participants registered into the system, from 15 May until 26 June 2015. Delivery final agenda for each participant 30 June 2015.

The Business roundtable includes more than 800 meetings between executives from 22 countries  of companies that

  • Look for new strategic partners in Latin America.
  • Provides services, products and technologies.
  • Demand services, products and technologies

in the areas of:

  1. Technology, Information Technology and Communications

  2. Telecom operators and providers

  3. IoT, M2M

  4. Big Data

  5. Cloud Computing

  6. Mobile, Enterprise Mobility

  7. Integrators and Consultancy

  8. Information Security

  1. Web 3.0

  2. Software & SaaS

  3. e-Commerce

  4. e-Learning

  5. Online Video

  6. Smart Cities

  7. Intranets

  1. Marketing Digital/Inbound Marketing.

  2. Social Media

  3. Email marketing.

  4. Search Engine Optimization y Search Marketing (SEO/SEM).

  5. Web Analytics

  6. Online Media

  7. Online Publicity

  8. Adnetworks

Could have meetings under specific objectives

Benefits to participate at Latin American Business Roundtable Chile Digital 2015

The Latin American Business Roundtable Chile Digital 2015 are the more efficient method to meet with clients, providers and partners from 22 countries in just one day

Principal benefits to participate are:

  • Time, Cost and Logistic saving each executive participant in the Business Roundtable potentially can have up to 16 meeting during July 9, 2015 at the Salon IV level -1 of the convention center. If, for example, your company registered 3 executives, it could potentially sustain up to 48 key meetings in one day, which under other circumstances would means weeks of traveling and high investment costs

  • Extend your commercial contacts and get to know other industry players, implementing partnerships that allow you to extend your network.

  • Establish contact with key industry companies and professionals that in other way will be difficult to reach.

  • Expand your commercial network in the Chilean and Latin American market.


The Latin American Business Roundtable will be coordinated according to the profiles and objectives of each provider and petitioner through a specialized software that generates a meeting agenda for each participant, that will have to do an analysis of the companies with whom wish to meet preview to meeting confirmation. We will not coordinate meetings to present companies or without objectives.

Each ticket to the business roundtable, give the right to one professional of your company on 9 july 2015 from 9:30-19:00 to 25 minutes meetings, with 5 minutes breaks between each meeting. For this reason, your company, for each professional registered will be able to have potentially 16 meetings. This way, if you register 2 professionals, you could have up to 32 meetings, and if you signup 4, up to 64 meetings.

Nevertheless, is important to clarify that we cannot guarantee that you will have this among of meetings, because the objective of the Business Roundtable is to coordinate key meetings, and the coordination of this meetings is subject to a counterpart willing to meet with the members of your company under a clear objective. The people of your company that participate must be decision makers.




Buy ticket category Business, Business Executive or Full Pass before 15 May,Last option before 19 June 2015. (Register in advance as tickets are limited. Early registration will give you a better chance to have high quality meetings.)


After payment is processed, before 48 hours you will receive an email with username/password to the Business Roundtable.


STAGE 1: PROFILE REGISTRATION BEFORE 15 MAY, Last Chance 19 June 2015, enter into the system your profile


STAGE II:Meetings Scheduling from 15 May to 26 June 2015 you can request, confirm and/or rejects meetings, so your agenda will generate continously.


Last date to enter data into system, confirm o reject meetings request - June 26th 2015


FINAL AGENDA 30 JUNE 2015: Final agenda is delivered in PDF to each participant

Company employees without decision making capabilities will not be accepted. The Latin American Business Roundtable will be between directors, CEOs, top executives, managers or heads of divisions.

Participation at Latin American Business Roundtable requires a ticket category Business, which gives you the right to participate at Business Roundtable and Expo Digital. Other ticket category that give you access to the Business Roundtable are Executive Business and Full Pass, please review the details before buy your ticket.


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