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Be Sponsor of the Second Latin American Congress of Technology, Software, E-commerce, Mobile and Online Marketing Chile Digital 2015, will allow you to position your brand in Chile and Latin America, and connect with potential clients and strategic partners through:

  • Expo: With +200 companies from 22 countries and +5000 decision maker executives.

  • Business Meetings: +800 reunions previously coordinated under specific objectives.

  • International Seminars and Conferences: :+30 Keynotes and world expert will inspire, provide new trends and discuss specific topics in technology, e-commerce, ERP/CRMs, social networks, TICs, e-learning, web 3.0, SEO/SEM, information security, web analytics, mobile, Apps, online advertising, marketing digital, SaaS, online video.

  • Venture Capital Fórum: Will bring together the main investors and risk capitals interested in Latin America emerging markets, together with high impact entrepreneurs. We will discuss the risk capital industry development and present 16 investment opportunities in fast growing technology companies.

Being a Sponsor of the congress includes the following benefits:

  • Brand positioning at Latin American level before, during and after the Congress: Through an extended communicational, advertising and marketing plan of the Congress during 2014-2015, covering press, television, billboards, radio, newspapers, social media, e-newsletter, together with live activities, will allow your brand a continue national and international exposure, reaching more than 200.000 CEOs, Managers and executives from the most relevant companies and industries in Latin America, providing important return on investment as a Sponsor.

  • Branding, coorporate promotion and live brand positioning inside the different activities (Expo, Business Meetings, International Seminars, Conferences, Venture Capital Forum) and during the two days of the Congress in front of the attendees and an a global audience via streaming, which includes logo on the web, e-newsletters, credentials, social media, invitations, logo on digital screens, brochure, program, folders, and logo in other printed marketing materials.
  • Preferencial treatment on Business Meetings.

  • Privilege location at the Expo .

  • Tickets for International Seminars, Expo and Closing Party for your professionals and clients.
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Chile y América Latina
Andres Murillo Andrés Murillo
Commercial Key Account
Manager Chile Digital
T: +56 222042034
T: +56 228919884
M: +56 9 89743325
Macarena Soto Macarena Soto
Commercial Executive
T:+56 222042034
T:+56 228919884
M:+56 9 79350567
Felipe Rebolledo Felipe Rebolledo
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
Manager Chile Digital
T: +56 223435417
M: +56 9 95365690
USA y Canada, International Relationships & Country Pavilions
Cristian Ossandón Cristian Ossandón
Comunicaciones y relaciones internacionales
T: +56 222042034
M: +56 9 94455094
Europa & Asia
Anders Broue Anders Broue
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
Commercial Executive
T: +56 227272864
M: +56 9 95499612
Albert Calvet Albert Calvet
Commercial Executive
T: +56 222042034
T: +56 228919884
M: +56 9 89743325
Adriano Ribeiro Adriano Ribeiro
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
T: +56 222091820
M: +56 9 84202170



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