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¿Why Attend?

¿Why Attend?

Americla Digital Latin American Congress 2017 is the primary business event for Latin American market in technology, software, e-commerce, mobile and digital marketing, where more than 5000 professionals of 22 countries, international experts, gets together to connect with providers, clients and strategic partners, to be inspired, update their knowledge, capture trends, and share the best practices and technological solutions to improve business management process, communicational, marketing and sales.

Assisting to America Digital Latin American Congress 2017 you will be able to:

  • Expand your network In the congress you will connect with your peers, experts, suppliers, key executives and professionals, leaders in their industries, to debate about new trends, share experiences and generate potential strategic alliances.
  • Find technological solutions to your specific needs. At the Digital Expo, with more than 200 participant companies, will be the principal providers of solutions, products and services in technology, e-commerce, mobile and marketing.
  • Update your knowledge and capture the latest trends de los expertos más destacados a nivel internacional. Ya se seas nuevo en la materia o un profesional experimentado, los seminarios, conferencias y paneles de discusión te entregarán información valiosa, experiencias, claves estratégicas, conocimientos y herramientas en las áreas de innovación, capitales de riesgo, gestión, comunicacional, marketing y ventas.
  • Position your professional profile as leader among your peers. Your investment at the Congress will have an instant return, gaining knowledge, strengthening your strategic capabilities and setting you apart as professional by maintaining yourself updated about new trends and industry solutions.
  • Personalize your learning experience. With multiple choices you can easily organize and personalize your time at the Congress to the conferences and activities in specific subjects according to your needs.
  •  Continue your networking and training online at Red Latam Digital. Red America Digital (Join the network here) is the networking platform of the Latin American Congress where you will be able to connect online before, during and after, with other professionals attending the Latin American Congress, access previously recorded courses, seminars and conferences, allowing you to potentiate your professional development.

Who assist?

Chile Digital Latin American Congress of Technology, Mobile, E-commerce, and Digital Marketing, bring together more than 5000 executives and professionals from 22 countries that require tech solutions for their business process, connect with their peers, extend their network, learn about new trends, get to know the leading companies in the region, update knowledge, connect with clients, suppliers, potential strategic partners, and advance in their professional development.


Among the attendees you will find:

  • Professionals from ICTs, Telecomunications, IoT, Software, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Companies seeking to connect with partners and customers around the Americas.
  • Government authorities and Ministers.

    3empresas internacionales
    • International Companies planning to expand in Latin America and seeking strategic partners to catalyze their expansion.
    • Entrepreneurs and fast grow tech companies seeking 1st and 2nd investment rounds.

      • Investors and stakeholders from the Venture Capital Industry.

        6clevel executives
        • C-level executives from the largest Latin American Companies.






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