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30 Conferences

Is imperative for Latin American companies to understand the changes that have being produce due to Internet (web 3.0) and how this changes had generated a new type of consumer 3.0 that had change the way we live and do business. Understand the principles of these changes, the available technologies and the key strategies in the areas of technology, mobile, IoT, e-commerce, mobile digital marketing is an unavoidable reality for any company that wishes to adapt their business model to the digital era and maintain their competitiveness. For the conference, we´ll have 3 halls with capacity for 300 people each, where you will be able to assist to more than 30 conferences (subject to availability) of world experts in the areas of:
  1. Technology and Innovation
  2. TICs, IoT, M2M
  3. Big Data
  4. Telecomunications
  5. Software and Software as a Service (SaaS).
  6. Information Security.
  7. ERPs/CRMs /BPM/.
  8. Mobile y APPs.
  1. Web 3.0
  2. Web Semantic
  3. Smart Cities
  4. E-Commerce
  5. E-learning
  6. Video Online
  7. Bitcoins
  8. Intranets
  1. Digital Marketing/Inbound Marketing
  2. Social Networks
  3. Email marketing.
  4. Search Engine Optimization y Search Marketing (SEO/SEM).
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Online Media
  8. Online Advertising
  9. Adnetworks
  10. Neuromarketing
The congress conferences are focalized on specific topics that will allow you to reduce strategic errors and know the technical-operative keys to establish action plans in your company oriented to the following fundamentals pillars:
  • Business management and process optimization
  • Promotion
  • Brand positioning
  • Prospect generation
  • Clients fidelization
Maximizing the process of business management, communicational, marketing and sales.
Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis (USA), Founding Board Director BITCOIN FOUNDATION.

Bitcoin profound implications for human freedom, Banks and governments´role

Bitcoin: The Appeal of Nonpolitical Monetary Unit DESCENTRALIZADA. 
What exactly is Bitcoin and how can it easily be explained to others?
How is Bitcoin different than all of the digital cash protocols that have come before it?
What is so revolutionary about decentralized trust?
What industries will be radically disrupted and transformed in the process?
What are the opportunities for Banks, e-Commerce, Companies, Governtments in the Bitcoin ecosystem?

These are just some of the questions that Jon’s presentation on the world’s most famous cryptocurrency will answer. In addition to outlining the specific benefits for both consumers and merchants, Jon will explore how entire economies can be changed for the better with the potential for improvements in fiscal and monetary policy.
While the endpoints of bitcoin exchange with national currencies can certainly be regulated, the peer-to-peer nature of unrestricted bitcoin transactions over the Internet has profound implications for human freedom and the role of governments.

Jon Matonis, is a widely recognized e-Money researcher and economist focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies, Jon advises startups in Bitcoin, iGaming, mobile and prepaid. A columnist to Forbes Magazine and CoinDesk, Jon is also Editor of The Monetary Future, a leading economics blog at the intersection of free banking, cryptography, and digital currency. Previously CEO of Hushmail and Chief Forex Dealer at VISA, Jon has also held senior posts at Sumitomo Bank and VeriSign.

He has been Keynote speaker in Mobile World Congress 2014, Card and Payments Innovation Europe, IT Web Security Summit, among others.

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis (Spain) International SEO Expert.

“Strategic and operative keys to implement a successful SEO Plan on 2015. ”

In this lecture, you will learn the key aspects to position your site in Google first page results, just when a potential costumer is looking for your products and services. Considering that Google functionalities are in constant change, Aleyda, will present the most important factors to consider maximizing your visibility, traffic and conversion with organic result strategies during 2015.

Also, she will share her vision about the future of SEO in a mobile, multi-platform and social networking world. The presentation will also show case studies of Chilean, Latin American and Global companies.

BIO: Aleyda is a consultant and international speaker in SEO, during her career she had work as SEO Manager for recognized SEO agencies like SEER Interactive (USA) and QDQ Media (Spain), developing localization and mobile multilingual SEO projects for companies in Europe, US, and Latin America. She was SEO Manager for Forex Club, leading the optimization processes of their network sites in the US, Europe and Russia.

Aleyda is an international recognize speaker. She had presented at Congresses like MozCon Seattle, SearchLove, London, SMX, London & Munich, SES London, BrightonSEO, OMExpo Madrid, OMCap Berlin, Web Congress Barcelona and KahenaCon Jerusalem. She was awarded as Europe SEO Personality of The Year on 2012 and was honor the Medallion Speaker Award, and International Search Summit, London, UK 2013.

Aleyda is Computer Engineer with a Master in E-commerce from Salamanca University. Is an academic at the Online Search Engine Master at Pompeu Fabra University, The SEO and SEM Master in KSchool. She writes at State of Digital and is a member of Moz Community. Today, she is a consultant at her firm SEO Orainti where she is also a founder and Co-founder at Tribalytics.

Guillermo Arduino

Guillermo Arduino (USA), CNN Anchor & Correspondent

“ Digital journalism and social networks in the corporate environment: challenges for a new communication

Speed and connectivity are terms widely used today when talking about the nature and effects of the Internet, terms that include situations of everyday life as a result of globalization.

The information transmission through the network, has been facilitated by the interconnectivity allowed by the use of different platforms in different contexts and global scenarios.

Digital journalism is one of the main ways to communicate this information to different audiences that every day are more critical and demanding when documented.

The use of social networks in a professional and corporate context carry the risk of reputational damage to organizations and leaders. It is impossible to control everything that flows into editable digital media; there are internal and external threats which can damage the credibility of a brand, but also create opportunities risks.

BIO: is an international presenter of CNN network group based in the city of Atlanta. He is the host of Mirador Mundial, the weekend news show on CNN en Español and Clix, the technology show of CNN (Natiional Emmy Award winner 2013-2014 for best entertainment program in Spanish language).

Previously, and for 13 consecutive years, Arduino worked at CNN International, CNN en Español sister network in English. There he worked as a presenter and correspondent on environmental issues and phenomena of atmospheric and meteorological sciences and, since 2004, led CNN World Report, news reports receiving hundreds of informative stations worldwide. Arduino also served as rotary presenter for CNN iReport and CNN Global Challenges show of the same network.

With over twenty years of experience in television both in English and in Spanish Guillermo Arduino began his career in the United States as a news anchor in Spanish language for NBC International network in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During his career he has interviewed Latin American figures as the former president of Bolivia, Carlos Mesa, Eduardo Frei of Chile, Carlos Menem of Argentina and President Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic, among others. He also covered the war in Iraq, presidential elections in the US, the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and the hostage crisis in Peru in 1997.

Arduino started in television as a newscaster on CVN-America TV of Argentina where he presented coverage of significant events in his country, in particular the bombing of the AMIA in Buenos Aires in July 1994. However, its beginnings were in radio. He was presenter of news and public affairs programs on FM SI San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Radio America and Radio Argentina. He also was a driver and presenter of concerts in classical music station of Argentina, FM Clasica.

Guillermo Arduino, who lives in the city of Atlanta but has triple citizenship (Argentina, Italy and USA), was born in Buenos Aires. He completed his studies at the ISER (Instituto Superior de Enseñanza de Radiodifusión) and INSLV (Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado en Lenguas Vivas «Juan Ramón Fernández») in the city of Buenos Aires.

Katia Trusich

Katia Trusich (Chile), Secretary for Economy and Smaller Companies

“Digital economy: an engine for growth in the digital age.

In her speech, the Secretary of Economy, Katia Trusich will present the progress of digital development policy for the country, promoted by the Ministry of Economy. In addition, will expose the main measures that the government has been taking to increase the country’s productivity and the use of added value through the digital economy. For the Government of Chile, the information and communication technologies not only help to create a more complex and sophisticated economy, but also will increase the potential and accelerate growth, specially on small and medium enterprises.

BIO: Katia Trusich is a lawyer at from University of Chile, MBA from the University Adolfo Ibáñez and has doctoral studies that granted her the Research Proficiency in Environment from the University of Salamanca, Spain. She was adviser to the Legal Department of the Secretariat of Economy, later taking over as chief of staff to Secretary of Economy, Álvaro Díaz, a position she held until 2005. Later she was director of Biotechnology at Innova-Chile of CORFO until 2007. In the private sector, she served as a lawyer at the law firm Carey & Co. and as general manager of Pesquera Yelcho S.A. At the time of being appointed as Secretary for Economy and Smaller Companies, she was general manager for Chile, Peru and Ecuador of the biotechnology company Genzyme, of the Sanofi Group.

Kyu Hyon Cho

Kyu Hyon Cho (USA) , Senior Director Nisum Technology

“Fast track to Omni-Channel and e-Commerce Success

Omni-channel program has become a necessity for businesses operating in multiple sales channel. Companies with channels that show slightest signs of autonomous financial/managerial goals, distinct merchandising/product management process, or multiple customer care programs are at a big disadvantage against omni-channel companies with synchronized operation. Many companies in the Retail industry has successfully leveraged top down, harmonized omni-channel strategy to accelerate sales growth and ROI improvement at the expense of others that do not.

In this speaking Kyu will present how a few targeted top-down strategic initiatives around organization realignment, merchandising process and customer care that will facilitate the laggards to join the rank of leading omni-channel companies.

BIO: Kyu is a Senior Director of Nisum Technologies, currently leading highly successful Retail practice with the company. As the practice leader Kyu is responsible for setting strategy for operational excellence, building and strengthening customer relationships and driving solution and services innovation in Retail Industry. Prior to Nisum, Kyu has held leadership positions with Capgemini, EY and CSC leading global-scale consulting projects. Born in Korea, Kyu holds Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University and an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

Claudio Orrego

Claudio Orrego (Chile), Mayor of the Metropolitan Region

Santiago Smart City Plan: from a segregated city to an integrated city

In his conference Claudio Orrego will present the plan Santiago Smart City, he will explain how a smart city is a greater challenge than simply incorporating technology. It involves changing an entrenched way to plan and develop the city from insularity, duplicity and autarky of all the involved organizations. The great challenge is to advance Santiago equity and territorial justice for all its citizens have access to similar levels of quality of life, which can only be reached from the logic of collaboration between institutions

BIO: Claudio Orrego Larrain (47 years), completed his studies at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University, where he graduated as a lawyer and served as president of the Student Federation. Then in 1995 did a Masters in Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. The following year he led the State Modernization Commission, from where promoted IT development in the public administration and the creation of Chilecompra.com, public procurement portal of the State of Chile. He resigned from Peñalolén councilor to be appointed biministro of Housing and National Assets, and then return to the district to be elected mayor for two terms (2004-2012). In January 2013, he became the presidential candidate of the Christian Democrats, winning the third place in the presidential primary of the New Majority.

Claudio Orrego takes over as mayor of the Metropolitan Region on March 11, 2014.

Renato Castro

Renato Castro (Brazil), CEO Baumann Consultancy

Smart Cities, the new boundary for the ICT/IoT applied to business solutions, a testing lab for retailers.

In his conference Renato will Introduce the new trends in business development in smart cities regarding the use of high-ending information and communication technologies ICTs and IoTs applied to daily life, with some case studies of Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

The world is facing an incredible increase in urban problems due to the population growth. Natural resources management, environment conditions, industrial policies and economic power have shaped the cities and directly influenced the modern urban lifestyle. By 2030, according to United Nation reports, it will probably be over 70% of the world population concentrated in the so-called global cities, imposing dramatic changes in our lives. As a tentative of solution for this problems, we are experiencing a strong orientation in both, public and private sectors for the development of “Smart Cities”. Old cities are being retrofitted around the world to be more sustainable and also some brand new cities are being built from ground zero, 100% designed and oriented to be smart since their first drafts plans. India has recently announced a multi-billionaire project to built 100 smart cities. China and South Korea have already new cities fully operational. Independent of the complexity, the stage of development or amount of investments, the most remarkable similarity among the smart cities is the intense use of information and communication technologies – ITCs and IoTs. Singapore, known as the «Smart Nation”, is one of the most developed smart city in the world. They got to leverage the use of high-technology applied to the management of the city and to the wellness of the citizens, in an effective public-private partnership . Singapore can be considered a hybrid smart city project, combining a deep city retrofit with new greenfield urban clusters. This speech will show how the intense use of high-ending technologies in daily life is influencing the behavior of the citizens and shaping a conceptual pattern of the consumer of the future. Finally, the speaker will demonstrate that smart cities can be a real laboratory to develop, test and refine the new business strategies for the global retail industry.

BIO: Graduated in Business Administration at the Federal University of Paraíba and a master degree in Globalization Strategies by Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences, Germany, he is a founding partner of Baumann Group, specialized in the consulting segment in internationalization and foreign trade strategies, headquartered in Beijing, China and offices in Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and Italy, where he lives now. Besides the executive carrier, he is also speaker, assistant professor in MBA courses and lecturer on investments and incentives concerning the Brazilian market in international congresses and forums in South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. In parallel of his executive carrier and as consequence of his frequent business trips around the world, he was invited in 2013 to be the anchor of a TV program project in the world’s largest web portal for business administration and management topics (currently only in Portuguese) http://www.administradores.com.br/tv/executivo-global/ .

David Hyman

David Hyman (USA), Google, Head of Latin America, Online Partnerships

Trends and evolution of mobile and monetization

David will Inform the audience on the shifts in mobile monetization globally and regionally in LatAm. Developments and innovation in mobile technologies affect mobile, app and monetization, and the industry shifts subtly, especially when looking at regional trends. In Latin America, and everywhere, the next wave of device and app penetration should shape the next round of monetization. Hear from Google on the evolution of the mobile platform, the advent of microconsoles, US$50 smartphones, and the next trends in Latam.

BIO: With Google since 2006, he served as Business Development Executive for AdSense from Google’s office in New York. It was the first to work in this area for the Latin American market and in 2008 came to Buenos Aires to arm the AdWords sales team for midsize companies.

After 4.5 years working in the business of AdWords, David was appointed Regional Manager of Online Partnerships Group (AdSense) for Spanish-speaking region, and now is the current Regional Manager for Latin America, based in Sao Paulo.

David received a degree in Economic Policy at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana Business (UCES) and before working for Google was part of OLO, a start-up in mobile payments in New York that has raised over $ 20 Million USD in investment funds.

Marco Orellana

Marco Orellana (Chile), CIO CODELCO

“Digital Mining: The Case of Codelco Digital, evolution last 10 years

Marco as CIO of CODELCO, will explain firsthand the evolution of CODELCO the last 10 years and the CODELCO DIGITAL PROGRAM. Given the scenario of increasing complexity that will face the mining industry and CODELCO itself, the need to develop ever more efficient mining and production standards aligned with latest ICTs and management methodologies. It is in this context that the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Automation and Robotics (TICAR) emerge as an enabler of a new way of doing Mining, achieving not only new thresholds of productivity, but also transforming the mining business to one where knowledge and technology are imposed by the physical effort, which was the main driver in mining for years. To take care of this reality has driven «CODELCO DIGITAL» program, in which visions we share both our current operations as those in development, structural projects of the Corporation to be placed. CODELCO DIGITAL, is a program that systemically leads to the mining of the Future, based on TICAR technologies, impacting mining processes with new designs, creating enabling platforms, displaying a set of secure, consistent with this design applications and developing a network Technological support with industry and academia.

BIO: Marco Antonio Orellana Silva is CIO of CODELCO. Chairs the international SAP group based in Walldorf – Germany for Mining users. This group convenes the largest mining companies globally of SAP users.

He has received the award «Manager of the Year» 2007 in Chile presented by the Center for the Study of Information Technology (CETIUC) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and «CIO of the Year» in 2010 given by the technology community from Chile. He was awarded the prize for innovation leadership delivered by MIT under the «8th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium» and the ACTI 2011 award in May 2011 for its support of the internationalization of the National Technological Industry. In November 2012 it announced its nomination of the award Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders which was delivered in March 2013 year that was recognized to be a finalist for the LATAM AWARDS 2013, issued by DatacenterDynamics.

Luis Stein

Luis Stein (Argentina), Vice-president ALETI, Federation of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal´s Entities of Information and Communication Technologies (ALETI).

Participation in theme panel «Main opportunities and challenges of ICT industries in Latin America, prospects for 2020″.

BIO:30 years developing technology and innovation businesses. Founder of Imagine Business Lab, Business Accelerator of the ICT industry, developed jointly with the Government of Chile and Microsoft. ICT Public Policy influencer in Latin America. GECHS director, Chilean association of ICT SMEs. Latam Business Development at Fraunhofer Fokus Institute for Innovation in Germany. ALETI VP with associations from 19 countries in Ibero-America. Part of the i20, Innovative Institute for Large Scale Innovation. Member of the Board of Directors of WITSA, World IT & Services Alliance. Speaker at the 42nd General Assembly of the OAS, participation in the design of the Digital Strategy 2013-2020 Chile.

Sergio Paulo Gallindo

Sergio Paulo Gallindo (Brazil), President, Brasscom, Brazilian ICTs companies association.

President of Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Companies (Brasscom), is Lawyer and Engineer; undertaking a Master’s program in Political and Economic Law in Mackenzie Presbyterian University, M.Sc. in Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin, under a Fulbright scholarship; Bachelor in Law, University of São Paulo, São Francisco Law School; Bachelor in Electronic Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; and enrolled in a Master´s program in Economic and Political Law in Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He was Country Manager for BT (British Telecom) Brazil from 2009 to 2014, leading significant business growth. Held various leadership positions for BT Latin America. Elected Member of the Board of Brasscom for 2012-2014. He was also Vice President of Nortel in Brazil and Executive Director of Corporate Business in GVT. Working with technology since 1980, Sergio Paulo led relevant software developments in Brazil and the US, the implementation of complex communications networks, as well as sales and delivery of multimillion-dollar contracts. In law, his devoted to Economic and Political Law, Tax Law, M&A, Commercial Law, as well as Law and Economics.

Flavio Tapia Carmagnani

Flavio Tapia Carmagnani (Chile), Attorney Technology Expert

Reliability … The key to being an electronics company – Permanence of documents, legal recognition and information security.

At this conference you will learn the most relevant to become an e-business complying with regulations. From the moment of document creation and document management, both for internal work, and customer´s service. Tapia, teach us how to legally implement an electronics company in Chile; processes behind this, the best way to reach customers without papers or written documents signed by hand; using digital marketing tools and sales, complying with the legal framework. We will also understand how to implement a Digital Human Resource department avoiding fines and keeping everything in the Cloud.

BIO:Tapia is a lawyer and expert consultant in technology, information security, electronic signature and electronic document management regulation expert.

Tapia also integrates the Working Group on amending the Law of Computer Crime of the Secretariat of Economy, was rapporteur of the Diploma in Logistics and Supply Management at the University of Viña del Mar and Speaker at Seminar 2014 Judiciary.

Currently he advises companies on documentation and legality in projects such as electronic legal documents and facilitating management through internet. He is a professor of «Theory of intervention and regulation», Faculty of Law, University Andres Bello, Rapporteur «Regulation of public services» and reporter in «diploma Legal Management Company» for Faculty of Law and Faculty Economics and Management, both University of Chile.

José María Louzao

José María Louzao Andrade (Argentina), PRESIDENT OF CESSI & G&L GROUP

Participation in theme panel «Main opportunities and challenges of ICT industries in Latin America, prospects for 2020″.

BIO: José María is President of the Chamber of Software and IT Services of Argentina since 2011 and President of G & L Group, Argentinean company that provides services and software solutions for 20 years.

Within the IT community he has always played prominent roles: he was vice president of CESSI and also of the Board of the Polo IT Buenos Aires.

He is currently Vice President of the Sadosky Foundation and NCP (National Contact Point) for SMEs of the Liaison Office Argentina-European Union of the Ministry of Science, Technology and productive Innovation.

José María is a barrister and solicitor, graduated at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He began his career as a lawyer: he was a partner in two major law firms specialized in Business and Labor Law.

Paola Restrepo Ospina

Paola Restrepo Ospina (Colombia), Executive President of the Colombian Federation of Software Industry and Related Technologies – FEDESOFT

Participation in theme panel «Main opportunities and challenges of ICT industry in Latin America, prospects for 2020″.

BIO:Architect by profession with a specialization in business administration and a specialist in Management, is currently Executive President of the Colombian Federation of Industry Software and Related Technologies – FEDESOFT. Also, it is representative for Colombia and Member of the Board (CFO) of the Federation of Latin America, Caribbean and Spain Entities of Information Technology – ALETI; President of the Bureau of Teleinformática SENA. As president of Fedesoft She has made international consultancy for institutional and financial Institutios, strengthening of the Panamanian Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (CAPATEC), Committee on Software Guatemala (SOFEX) and Honduran Association of Information Technology (AHTI) based in the management model created in FEDESOFT.

It has pioneered the most important reforms in the sector regulations and exemption of income for innovative products, decreased 11% withholding TAX to 3% for software and related services, and participated in the draft Law Software.

Rodrigo Diez



Telecom operators are moving increasingly fast in the world of content. The goal is to retain customers not only with good levels of services in calls and internet, also generating experiences with programs, concerts, exclusive telecasts, acting as generators, and content aggregators. This is being done in television format and a platform that TV channels do not explode at all: the mobile devices.

The revolution of content is happening on the small screens that we have in our pockets.

We show how the media are no longer what they were, how they are transforming and enhancing thanks to the internet.

The road being traveled by Telco Operators to become leaders in the production of content will be explained and how it was made possible by exploring a new format, or medial language, which uses the features of the new environment that is emerging from the «marriage» between the Internet and TV.

BIO: Journalist and Master in TV and New Media, Emerson College, Boston, USA for 10 years he worked as a journalist, editor and News moderator on Channel 13, editor of 24horas.cl, currently Digital Marketing Manager at Telefonica.

Juan Llanos

Juan Llanos (Nueva York), Bitreserve EVP – Chief Transparency Officer

One of the TOP 14 Personalities in Bitcoin from NY that you must know according to Alleywatch

“The Disruptive Potential of Digital Money

Llanos during his conference will provoke thoughts about and stimulate action towards the transformative power of virtual, cryptographic and digital money, finance and payments technologies in the enterprise, consumer finance, government and other institutions. Giving an overview of the emerging digital money technologies and the most compelling current and future use cases.

BIO: A seasoned financial compliance expert and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Juan leads Bitreserve’s as VP of transparency and compliance strategy, as well as global partnerships and stakeholder relations. Bitreserve is a cloud-based payment network that allows members to remove bitcoin’s volatility and merchants to receive payments at zero cost.

For well over a decade, Juan has built and managed compliance programs all over the world – while dedicating his work to supporting the underserved and unbanked. During this time, Llanos helped develop a large portfolio of innovative monetary services and tools – such as bill payments, money transfer products and Mexico’s first pre-paid debit card. Juan co-developed this suite of new financial services at Unidos Financial Services and Remesas Quisqueyana, holding a number of senior positions, while building a reputation as an internationally recognized compliance thought leader. He is also a member of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs and Education Committees, Co-Chair of the Digital Asset Transfer Authority’s AML Working Group, writes about risk and virtual currencies in his blog (ContrarianCompliance.com), and is a mentor and advisor at various crypto-currency and technology start-ups. Llanos has been speaker at TED, Digital Currency Summit Madrid, Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong and New York.

Eduardo Uchida

Eduardo Uchida, Corporate channels manager at BCI Bank

“ Successful case of integration and migration towards a mobile and multichannel banking institution in the digital era.”

Banco de Crédito de Inversiones (BCI) is recognized because of its vanguard in applying innovation within financial sector, becoming the leader on mobile bank, remote channels and multi-channels services. At this conference, Eduardo will present the processes, steps and milestones that had to be followed to meet these goals. He will show the orchestrations that had to be developed with traditional channels and the future challenges towards the changes that are happening in the industry and with clients nowadays.

BIO: Eduardo Uchida, have 25 years of experience in the technology industry, of which 20 are in the banking services industry, holding executive positions as System Development Manager, Operations Manager and Corporate Channels Manager. Today, he is in charge of remotes and digital channels at BCI Bank.

Eduardo is a Civil Informatics Engineer from Universidad de Santiago, holds an MBA from Universidad de Chile and AMP from Harvard Business School.

Guillermo Beuchat

Guillermo Beuchat, International Innovation Management Consultant.

“ Keys for innovation management systems implementation in Latin American companies. ”

  • Innovation: breaking myths and paradigms.
  • Innovation in the digital era: relevant case studies.
  • Innovation as a process: how to generate new business in a systematic, consistent and predictable way?.
  • IMO Model: Innovation Management Office.
  • Governance in innovation.
  • The process to innovate.
  • Cultural transformation and change.
  • Technological platforms to innovate (IMS: Innovation Management Systems).
  • Case studies analysis.

BIO: Consultant, enterprise director and international speaker in innovation and technology topics, with more than 30 years of experience implementing innovation management systems in important companies at Latin American Level like SIEMENS, ELEMENTIA Group, ALPINA, CMPC Celulosa, LATAM Airlines, METROGAS, BROTEC and SONDA. He was consultant partner of PwC, Cientec General Manager and Assistant Director of Technological Development at Shell. Nowadays, he direct the innovation consultancy company TRANSFORME. Guillermo was Director of The Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies (ACTI) and President of The Software Distributors Association (ADS). Today, he is a Professor of the Master in Innovation at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (UAI), he holds a Master in Innovation from Universidad de Barcelona, specializations from Harvard University and the degree of Civil Engineer from Universidad de Chile.

Pablo García

Pablo García, Gerente de Data Centers Level3

The Software Defined Datacenter revolutionizes IT

In simple words Software Defined Datacenter is about abstraction. With SDDC, all virtualized infrastructure is not only computing resources (CPU and memory), but also the resources storage, networking, security and availability. This infrastructure is provided as a service and control every aspect of this Datacenter, which is entirely directed by an intelligent policy-based software, completely independent of hardware. This includes the necessary software to automate provisioning, location, configuration and control, based on defined policies where these policies have a direct relationship with the business, minimizing manual intervention.

Cesar Picasso

Cesar Picasso (México), Director Latam & Southern Europe SOTI

“The Disconnect Between IT Perceptions & User Behaviours.

Corporate IT are justifiably concerned about the security of mobile devices employees use in the workplace. But which particular threats they choose to prioritize may not be well founded. Unfortunately, an IT department’s perception of workforce mobility isn’t always reflective of how employees are actually using their devices. Such disconnection can cause an organization to focus on vulnerabilities that are often counter-productive to actual requirements.

In this presentation, we will address the findings from a recent SOTI Security survey, as well as explain how enterprise mobility management gives IT managers a better window into device usage trends while safeguarding against various forms of employee device misuse.

BIO: Cesar Picasso is Director, Latin America and Southern Europe at SOTI Inc., a Canadian Enterprise Mobility Management company with 12,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. His perspective in enterprise mobility has been covered by ComputerWorld Magazine, Security in America Magazine and El Financiero. Picasso has been with SOTI for over four years and played a key role in growing the company into the multinational that it is today.

Picasso is a highly regarded industry influencer, frequently invited to speak internationally on topics including mobile technology, business strategy and security – from the adoption and implications of mobility on your supply chain, to the challenges and benefits of BYOD. Picasso also frequently contributes to IT Now, Computerworld and other publications.

Prior to his stance at SOTI, Picasso contributed his strategic business acumen to grow international sales channels in at IBM, where he supported business development in Latin America, Southern Europe and emerging markets. Earlier with Emerson Corporation, his technical expertise was valued during the relocation of manufacturing facilities from Belgium and Germany into the Czech Republic. He is adept at anticipating market trends and evangelizing this into growth opportunities.

Picasso holds an IT Engineering degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, Mexico; a Master’s Degree in IT Management from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico; a MBA from the University of Toronto, Canada and specialty courses on emerging markets from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. He has also taken several Graduate courses in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the Duisburg Essen University in Germany.

Martín Cabrera

Martín Cabrera (Chile), CTO Bci

“What should we do from Technology to be aligned with the digital transformation of the financial industry?

The financial industry is undergoing a digital transformation that strongly challenges the traditional business model of banks worldwide. How could it be otherwise, this transformation is highly leveraged use of technology. This new reality represents a tremendous challenge for the entire organization and in particular for technology equipment for many years have been concentrated mainly on operational business continuity. What should a team of technology to align with this transformation?, what should be their pockets? … These are some of the questions addressed during the conference.

BIO: Martín is the Chief Technology Officer of Banco de Crédito e Inversiones, one of the most important banks of Chile. He is leading the team that has the responsibility of defining the vision and technology roadmap that supports the business strategy defined by the Corporation. He previously worked as the Architecture & Development Manager of Microsoft Chile, advising the most important companies of Chile on subjects related to software architecture, software development and the adoption of the latest technologies from Microsoft. Martín has a Software Architecture Certification awarded by Carnegie Mellon University and is a graduate of the School of Systems, Engineering Faculty of the Universidad ORT Uruguay.

José Antonio Arribas

José Antonio Arribas (Spain), Founder and COO of Gigas

“What to look when you are looking Cloud?

Cloud technology represents a paradigm shift in the provision of infrastructure services, with more features at a lower cost. Being in the Cloud gives companies faster access to technology and access services, providing greater competitiveness and business efficiency. The benefits are clear: cost savings, pay per use, scalability and flexibility, safety, competitiveness, stability and high availability.

But at the time, in case we get difficult. safety, cost, technical support, what I really need …?

At this point it is not just about product. It is about customer support, counseling and other factors that accompany the cloud services. Jose Antonio will guide us on the factors to consider when migrating our business processes to the Cloud.

BIO: Jose Antonio Arribas has extensive experience as CTO in the IT and telecommunications sector over the last 12 years. His last position was CTO at IT consulting group, AGS, responsible for technology, product strategy and projects. Previously, he was CTO of FON Wireless, where he created the technical services in 14 countries. For 6 years he was CTO of Ya.com, developing services and supporting operations to hundreds of thousands of end users and businesses. Jose Antonio Arribas is a computer engineer.

Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook, Swarmcorp

How blockchain applications are disrupting finance, and what it means for banks, companies and organizations.

There is a global change happening in finance, banks and organizations, moving more and more to virtual platforms. During his talk, Andrew will explain; How these institutions are using blockchain technology to make this move; What applications they are using; the areas of their focus; What these changes mean for clients and consumers; What the road map of the future looks like; and how high growth companies can integrate these systems into their own.

BIO:Andrew Cook is an entrepreneur in the Bitcoin / Fintech space. Currently, he is the COO at Swarm; a Palo Alto based company focused on changing investing and finance using blockchain technology. He is the founder and former CEO of Cook Investment Firm; the first and largest Bitcoin hedge fund in the world, managing over US$ 150 million. As an adviser for many organizations in the Bitcoin / Fintech area, Andrew feels strongly about empowering high growth companies in Latin America. He has given talks about Bitcoin and it’s financial applications to some of the biggest names in the finance world; including J.P. Morgan and Chase Bank.

Nicolas Rencoret

Nicolas Rencoret, Innovation Manager Correos de Chile

Inventing the future of distribution and e-commerce

Nicolas will present a vision of how Correos de Chile, with its capabilities and skills, is able to invent the future of distribution, especially in the environment of e-commerce and digital solutions. It will address:

  • The vision and adaptation of Correos de Chile since its founding 260 years ago to reach their end to end services from perspective of e-commerce.
  • Explain the pillars from which Correos de Chile is working to develop the future of e-Commerce.
  • Present examples and case studies between Correos de Chile and e-Commerce companies.

BIO: Nicolas is Assistant Manager of Innovation in Correos de Chile, was previously Co-Founder of Net Solutions implemented Web Open Source solutions for businesses and Head of Digital Marketing in Entel where he redesigned the online channel companies covering: Public Web, e-commerce, self-care and developing digital marketing Chile’s largest community of SMEs. Nicolas is mentor in IncubadoraUC, Commercial Engineer of the University of Development and an MBA from the University Adolfo Ibanez.

Jorge Mujica

Jorge Mujica (Chile), IBM CTO

Big Data and Social Data in Chile: Reflections on a New Society

«Big Data» seeks to represent the growth of data in the world, and its continuing de-structuring. Where this may seem like merely a technological problem, the imminent problem of not knowing what to measure from this data is hiding. The complexity of these surpasses human understanding, in different cases. Therefore, taking the «Social Networks» are a clear manifestation of the «Big Data», the social sciences today are calls to help us understand these phenomena.

After analyzing more than 1000M tweets in various international studies, presenting concrete quantitative and qualitative arguments, the power that social data has in understanding a country in the process of digitization.

This conference presents metric regarding behavior in the Chilean social networks, looking for a historical perspective, and establishing where the main challenges in bringing it to a social understanding.

BIO: IBM CTO with over 20 years experience in technology, nine of them at IBM, currently he leads the analytical studies of social feeling in Chile and Latin America, providing a sociological and holistic view.

He has directed over 50 projects of defense, transportation, banking and public sector in Chile, France and Belgium. Jorge is a Computer Engineer with postgraduate training in distributed systems, artificial intelligence, computer psychology, Big Data and Software Engineering.

Leonardo Alvarez

Leonardo Alvarez, Manager Business Development Latin America Rackspace

Managed Cloud

BIO: Leonardo Alvarez leads the business development and channels in Latin America for Rackspace. In his role, he leads the sales team that supports the ecosystem of channels and is a regular presenter at roadshows, forums and events. Leonardo has over 8 years experience in the IT industry, including hardware and cloud computing. Prior to joining Rackspace, supervised indirect sales teams in Dell Inc. Leonardo is based in the office of Rackspace in Austin, Texas.

Roger Castillo

Roger Castillo Cortázar NIC México

How to be noticed in a high potential market?

Which is the market that is being targeted by Fortune 500´s marketing executives ? They are leaders in the adoption of network-connected devices, are power-users of smartphones and consume online video above the average. Many companies have realized that they are a key component for success in business and are not by chance. This market is forecast significantly higher than other markets that could be considered competitors, If we add the fact that they research, compare prices and read about the experiences of others users before buying products or services, we will realize that they are very selective. They also have other characteristics that make it unique: it is a heterogeneous market, but also with much in common, and can be widely scattered, but always is possible to find them. In this lecture Roger Castillo, manager of new services NIC Mexico will talk about new opportunities to be recognized and highlighted in the Latin American Market. But who are they? What new tools to get in touch with them? The answers to these and other questions can be found in this talk.

BIO: Professional of computer science with over 14 years experience in the domain name industry working for NIC Mexico, the entity responsible for the administration of .MX domain names. Since the technology department collaborated closely in expanding the .MX ccTLD that pioneered the development of business plans and marketing strategies for a country code domain.

Since 2007 he joined the commercial area where he worked to expand the portfolio of services of NIC Mexico

Daniel Soldan

Daniel Soldan (Argentina), CEO emBlue

“Frequency + Content + Segmentation: The magic formula of Email Marketing

Review and evolution of email marketing to their integration in inbound marketing strategies, market automation, delivery and segmentation. Strategic and operational strategies for integrating email marketing within digital strategies, analysis of case studies from different industries in Latin America, lessons learned during these 10 years.

BIO:In 99′ began his career in the internet world. It specializes in the development of online business tools and SaaS, online marketing and team building. His first challenge was to create his own business called System Consulting Group, which consisted of advice to climb to the web business companies and entrepreneurs. Then founded Xinergia Argentina where he created three SaaS platforms: 1. a platform for e-learning called UpperBrain, 2. A site similar to an e-recruitment 3. A platform for sending emails with metrics and online reports, now known as emBlue.

Soldan has extensive consulting experience in email marketing strategies, business development and team building, SaaS online business strategies, e-Commerce, and financial management for small companies. Currently working as Co-Founder and CEO of emBlue, local leader in emailmarketing company with a strong Latin American presence.

Member of the Academic Council of the University Extension Program UBA – University of Buenos Aires, about Online Marketing. Involved more than 10 years in interactive marketing and online advertising. He has lectured in Argentina Email Awards, Email Summit, Online MKT Day and President of the Chapter of Email Marketing organized by AMDIA.

Felipe Catalán

Felipe Catalán (Chile), Chief Business and Technology Mapcity.

Geo-Marketing: Geographical analysis of business on the Web.

95% of people use some form of maps in their day to day, however only 5% of companies use them. See business from a geographic perspective opens new business opportunities or optimizations in different business processes. The main reason why companies do not use maps, it is because they do not have analytical capabilities and infrastructure to take advantage. However, there are web tools available that can greatly facilitate this task in order to promote and improve your business.

Felipe will show the impact of geographical variables and will provide web tools available to perform geographic analysis to boost your business. >

BIO: Civil Engineer mention Industries Information Technology and Master of Science in Engineering from the Catholic University of Chile. His entire career has been focused on the development of technology businesses, mainly web and telecommunications field. Currently he is responsible for new business and technology at Mapcity.com. Previously, he was founder of Justter, Consultant in Innspiral.

Sergio Grinbaum



Main drivers for e-Commerce and digital marketing strategies to produce results. Sergio will explain how to integrate different tools from social networks, web usability, traditional SEM, the world of performance to the use of the PROGRAMATIC to improve online conversion.

The PROGRMATIC: What is it? How do we get there? How think about PROGRAMATIC?

Sergio will share over 15 years’ experience in e-Commerce and will discover the main platforms which implement programmatic strategies web / mobile / video with objectives either online conversion or branding for e-commerce.

BIO: Sergio Greenbaum is currently CEO of Think Thanks Latam, independent highly specialized digital agency with operations in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, USA. He has lectured at universities, eCommerceDay and Seminarium in Latam.

It is known for being Co-founder and Director of Regional Deremate.com, leading its regional expansion launching in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and USA. Driving the growth of a community of more than 4.5 million users. He was also co-founder of DeMotores.com, Dereto.com and Covedisa Group: with their portals Starphone – Bonvivir.com – Telemall – The Licitón.

Show more speakers


  • 8, 9 July 2015 10:00-19:00 hrs – Salon I

    9:00 hrs. – 10:00 hrs.  
    10:00 hrs. – 10:45 hrs.  Guillermo Beuchat, Innovation Management Consultant «Strategic Keys to implement innovation management systems in Latin American and Chilean companies, that can produce consistent and predictable innovations».
    10:45 hrs. – 11:30 hrs.  Eduardo Uchida, Corporative Manager BCI channels division Success case of integration and migration towards mobile and multichannel banking in the digital era.
    11:30 hrs. – 12:15 hrs.  Rodrigo Diez, Ex General Editor 24horas.cl From TV to web and from web to TV
    12:15 hrs. – 13:00 hrs  Application case of Internet of Things (IoT) a real-life solution 
    13:00 hrs. – 14:00 hrs. Launch Break
    14:00 hrs. – 14:45 hrs. Present and future of Cloud Computing. Cloud as an element of business transformation and increased competitiveness.
    14:45 hrs. – 15:30 hrs The power of Big Data to improve your business
    15:30 hrs. – 16:15 hrs. Geomarketing and mobile, real application case to business models in the digital era.
    16:15 hrs. – 17:00 hrs. 17:00-1745 17:45-19:00 Information Security in Mobile Professional use of Facebook in Business, How to implement hyper segmented advertising campaigns into Facebook.
  • 8, 9 July 2015 10:00-19:00 hrs – Salon II

    9:00 hrs. – 10:00 hrs.  
    10:00 hrs. – 10:45 hrs. Digital Rights, a look at the current regulatory framework and international trends
    10:45 hrs. – 11:30 hrs. Smartcities, the City of the Future, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Machine to Machine (M2M), challenges and opportunities in Latin American reality.
    11:30 hrs. – 12:15 hrs.  Thematic Panel 2: Development opportunities for IT and digital industry in Latin America. Presidents of the main Technology associations of Latin America, government officials and stakeholders, will discuss the opportunities, challenges and main obstacles facing the development of technology industry, ICT, e-Commerce and Digital in Latin America.
    12:15 hrs. – 13:00 hrs  Thematic Panel 3: Organizational Challenges and recruiting talent in the digital era. What will be the most sought after professionals in the digital era, Big Data, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing? Is there enough talent in Latin America? Are our professionals trained to compete globally? How companies are organizationally re-structured in the digital age?
    13:00 hrs. – 14:00 hrs. Lunch time
    14:00 hrs. – 14:45 hrs. Aleyda Solis, International SEO expert, Major Changes to Google algorithm and techniques to improve your SEO positioning on 2015.
    14:45 hrs. – 15:30 hrs Connected Lifestyle and implications for companies. How to face these changes.
    15:30 hrs. – 16:15 hrs. Media and borderless advertising, integrating Mobile, multidevice, Big Data and Social Networks.
    16:15 hrs. – 17:00 hrs. Mobile Retail
    17:00 hrs. – 17:45 hrs. Future Connectivity, new technologies, connecting developing countries and isolated regions. Connectivity as an engine of development for emerging countries.
    17:45 hrs. – 19:00 hrs.
  • 8, 9 July 2015 10:00-19:00 hrs – Salon III

    9:00 hrs. – 10:00 hrs.  
    10:00 hrs. – 10:45 hrs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and their integration with social networks. CRM + SOCIAL. How to take the required technological and cultural change to achieve results in your sales using CRM + SOCIAL.
    10:45 hrs. – 11:30 hrs. Linkedin professional use. How to use Linkedin professionally as an executive and company to: – Executives Personal branding and their contribution to the growth of the brand – Executive recruitment – Positioning itself as a benchmark in the industry – Dissemination and branding Elaborating a person linkedin strategy, aligned to corporate strategy.
    11:30 hrs. – 12:15 hrs. An unbeatable network. Dealing with computer security in e-commerce and banking transactions.
    12:15 hrs. – 13:00 hrs  Rethinking money transfers, mobile, P2P (Peer to Peer), opportunities and implications in Latin America.
    13:00 hrs. – 14:00 hrs. Lunch Time
    14:00 hrs. – 14:45 hrs. Theme Panel 4: Bitcoins analyzed from its technological aspects, regulatory, security, trade adoption, and investment opportunity for individuals, businesses and opportunities by country, Why has penetrated Argentina and Venezuela? Brazil? What are the main opportunities for countries with political and economic structure as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico?
    14:45 hrs. – 15:30 hrs How to increase online conversion of my website or e-commerce. ¿Cuáles son los KPI claves de una Tienda Online y su importancia para Convertir, Monetizar y Fidelizar al usuario online? What are the KPI keys to a Online Store and its importance to Convert, Monetize and generate loyalty to the online user? - Importance of design, information architecture and landing pages. Landings optimization to increase conversion. – How social media influence, Do I get monetize through social networks? Its impact on dissemination, evaluation and post sale on e-commerce. – Web analytics and big data incorporated to increase online conversion –  SEO and SEM strategies in my e-Commerce –  Email marketing as the scorer of online conversion. – How payment systems influence?
    15:30 hrs. – 16:15 hrs. Thematic Panel 5: Challenges and logistics Innovation required to promote e-Commerce in Chile and Latin America. – Logistics providers, CEOs of e-Commerce and officials talk about the key challenges and opportunities for the region from the point of view of logistics to enhance e-Commerce.
    16:15 hrs. – 17:00 hrs. Thematic Panel 6: Rules and regulations that influence the development of electronic commerce. Key challenges and opportunities in Latin American market for e-commerce. Presidents of the main associations of e-commerce in Latin America, main actors of regional e-Commerce, lawyers, bank executives and government officials will discuss the main regulatory and structural changes required to develop the full potential of e-Commerce in the region.
    17:00 hrs. – 17:45 hrs. Theme Panel 7: : Mandatory Electronic invoicing in Chile A panel of experts from the fields of government, legal, technology providers and SMEs entrepreneurs, will discuss the implications of mandatory electronic invoicing in Chile and other countries.
    17:45 hrs. – 19:00 hrs.
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