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Chile Digital Latin American Congress of Technology, Mobile, E-commerce, and Digital Marketing, bring together more than 5000 executives and professionals from 22 countries that require tech solutions for their business process, connect with their peers, extend their network, learn about new trends, get to know the leading companies in the region, update knowledge, connect with clients, suppliers, potential strategic partners, and advance in their professional development.

Among the attendees you will find:

  • Decision Makers and Companies Directors.
    Directors, CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, General Managers, Chiefs and executives that require suppliers, explore new trends, update knowledge, generate strategic alliances, and acquire new solutions to optimize their companies’ communicational, marketing and sales process from leaders companies and sectors as Telecom Operators, Banks, Retail, Mining, Education, Government, Healthcare, Food, Tourism. 
  • Technology Providers.
    Professional and executives of companies offering solutions in the areas of Technology, IoT, M2M, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Information Security, , SaaS, e-Commerce,  Digital Marketing; Developers, integrators and tech consultants.

  • Executives and Professionals 
    Professionals in the areas of information technology (IT), communications, marketing, innovation, business development from different industries including Retail, Finance, Education, Government,Tourism, Mining, Food. Specially executives from Telecom Operators from Latin America. 

  • International Companies Representatives.
    Companies executives interested on expanding from Chile to Latin America, and in search of strategic partners to canalize their expansion in the region.

  • Agencies and Online Media.
    Advertising, marketing, digital marketing agencies; online media, adnetworks, online video, tech providers, app developers, that want to do networking at Latin American and global level.

  • Investors and Entrepreneurs.
    Investors and Venture Capital industry professionals interested on emerging markets and high impact companies. Fast grow tech companies  looking for first and second rounds of investment.

Contact us:
Chile y América Latina
Andres Murillo Andrés Murillo
Commercial Key Account
Manager Chile Digital
T: +56 222042034
T: +56 228919884
M: +56 9 89743325
Macarena Soto Macarena Soto
Commercial Executive
T:+56 222042034
T:+56 228919884
M:+56 9 79350567
Felipe Rebolledo Felipe Rebolledo
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
Manager Chile Digital
T: +56 223435417
M: +56 9 95365690
USA y Canada, International Relationships & Country Pavilions
Cristian Ossandón Cristian Ossandón
Comunicaciones y relaciones internacionales
T: +56 222042034
M: +56 9 94455094
Europa & Asia
Anders Broue Anders Broue
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
Commercial Executive
T: +56 227272864
M: +56 9 95499612
Albert Calvet Albert Calvet
Commercial Executive
T: +56 222042034
T: +56 228919884
M: +56 9 89743325
Adriano Ribeiro Adriano Ribeiro
Sponsorship & Exhibitor
T: +56 222091820
M: +56 9 84202170

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